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3 Dimensional Chat / [LOCKED] Krasue, the flying ghost

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Posted: 19th Aug 2011 19:50 Edited at: 22nd Aug 2011 04:52
I made a krasue and export it to .x format, yayyyy

The Krasue during the day looks like a normal young woman. At night, however, her head, still attached with her insides, separates from an empty body and floats around to feed upon livestock and even people.

Animation: .

The Zoq2
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Joined: 4th Nov 2009
Location: Linköping, Sweden
Posted: 20th Aug 2011 01:03
Wow, that thing looks realy cool! Nice work

What's the polycount on that thing?

Srry about my english im from sweeden
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Joined: 25th Sep 2008
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Posted: 20th Aug 2011 01:15
Yikes! Now that's disturbing!!...

I like it! haha, keep it up mate, I'd love to see some other characters of this "horrible" (hehe, punny) style.
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Joined: 4th Aug 2011
Location: California
Posted: 20th Aug 2011 01:42
I can now blame you for the nightmares I'm going to have tonight.

That does look pretty awesome, and I wonder if there's something you can do with her eyes to make her look more, well, hollow. Maybe desaturating the color from her eyes, for example.

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