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3 Dimensional Chat / Some models I'm working on - C&C and some help needed!

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Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 00:12 Edited at: 23rd Aug 2011 17:45
Hello all!

Admittedly, I haven't been on these forums for ages!
However I've started a new project, and remembered that the TGC forums had a great pool of critics to present stuff to, so here goes!

Basically, I'm working on a game using the Multiverse MMO Engine, and the setting is the Roman Empire.

I've been doing the modelling myself so far, and I would like to get your comments and criticism on some of the stuff I've made in 3DS Max

Here are the Roman weapons I've completely done. From left to right: Pilum (Pre-Marian spear used by most soldiers), Scutum (shield) and Gladius (the well-known Roman short sword)

Here is an incredibly low-poly house I made - this was the first one I started on when I began the project, and it's simple because I needed to refresh my memory on UV mapping, and I'm not great with 3DS Max yet, so did something simple to get back to grips with the poly-editing (soon to change!).

This also helped to get me back to grips with texturing, so played around with some decals, which have turned out better than I thought....
EDIT: I've had a few suggestions to get some bump/normal mapping on the house, and I am in the process of learning how to do it. However, I am limited for time, as I have to focus on the programming of the game more than the modelling.

This is as far as I've got with the Watchtower I was working on. Once I figure out how to do some normal and bump mapping, I'll apply the new-found knowledge to the wood planking on this to give it a better look

Here's the the main reference image for the next model I'm going to start working on - a Roman Insula

Shoudn't be too hard, though I'm not great at complicated architecture in 3DS Max. If 3D World Studio exported into a format that 3DS Max could read, I could make it in about half an hour!
Alas, 3DWS isn't going to be updated for a while...

There are a lot more models, but a lot of them are either nearly done, or awaiting UV mapping.

Any comments and criticism welcomed!

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Joined: 14th Oct 2010
Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 03:39
Nice models btw but I would hardly suggest watching this tutorial

roof needs more repairing

this will give you very useful tips on houses just follow the same technique in the tutorial you doesn't have to get wings 3D

find part 2 by yourself sorry but my lap sucks when I come back to my home I shall give it to you
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Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 06:19
Lookin good mate, have ya tried using a normal map on that house? It'd look pretty slick.

As for the tower, first off, you could prolly reduce those cylinders to 8 or even 6 sided. Save a bunch of polies there. Also, here's some stuff that might help ya...

^ This pretty much describes "uvmapping to a texture" in the sense of, you make your textures, which can be used multiple times on multiple objects, and then UV map your model so that the UV's fit perfectly over the premade textures. And if you're using simple shapes like that tower, that'll be a piece of cake. (It covers a bunch of other topics as well, but I think the reusing one texture for multiple things will be highly beneficial for you, especially with an MMO)

You can see this more clearly with J. Fletcher's "ZepTower", how he uses only 1 wood texture all throughout his entire model.

Hope this helps! You look like you're off to a great start!
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Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 19:10
Nice work! I would only really suggest for the house to normal map it, add a 3d roof (basically just 2 long, wide, thin boxes) and indent the doors and windows a tiny bit.
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Posted: 23rd Aug 2011 17:31
Well, I'm working on learning how to do normal and bump maps, though the process seems really long-winded!

I've done some more work on the Watchtower, and it was actually easier than I thought - when I was modelling a tent and texturing it (which I will also add to the first post), I just lumped all the wireframes from related parts of the tent into one, so I only had to use one texture. It looks a bit dull, but it's accurate (according to the reference image at least!)
so, when I did the watchtower, all the lattices went into one small square, then the 'columns' went into their own, and the same with the diagonal supports as well. The 2 'floors' went into one, so that it came out with an incredibly easy model to texture - thank goodness!

then only problem now is that I've realised I don't have enough time to model anything at the moment... I need to focus on the programming element of the game - the territory capturing system won't program itself unfortunately!
This is rather unorthodox of me, but if anyone fancies helping out with some modelling, I definitely wouldn't say no!

Boomerang Studios Website -
Multiverse: the Free MMO Creation Platform -

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