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3 Dimensional Chat / Texturing Tutorials

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Joined: 29th Jul 2010
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Posted: 29th Aug 2011 04:11 Edited at: 29th Aug 2011 04:12

I have been away from the community for quite awhile working on modeling skills. I'm getting ready to release some a few models to the community for free but before I can do that I need some help on texturing my models.

I'm not to good with UV mapping or texturing. Is there any tutorials, videos, or books out there to help me with these skills.

Also what's more suitable for FPSC, tris or quads.

Thank you,
The W3Geek
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Joined: 19th Aug 2009
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Posted: 29th Aug 2011 09:02
The hand looks great!

[shameless self advertising]

Here, IDK if this is what you want, but I have been working on a series of tutorials that cover EVERYTHING you need to do to create a prop and make it FPSC Ready, in my Complete FPSC to Milkshape tutorial.

I know your using Blender, but the UV Mapping and Texturing part could be useful for you. Take a look.

NOTE: The Texturing part will be uploaded tomorrow. Stay tuned for that

[/shameless self advertising]


For KeithC
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Posted: 30th Aug 2011 04:05 Edited at: 30th Aug 2011 04:07
I wrote some UVW tutorials using a Free product called Gmax from the same guys who wrote 3ds Max a few years ago.

The concepts should apply for most programs although the buttons and names will be different you should press in your particular program:

UVW Mapping Made Easy 101:

UVW Mapping Made Easy 102

EDIT: Be careful on Tutorial #2 this uses whats called sub-mapping; its a good technique for many game engines but does not work for FPSC. But you still might learn some unwrapping techniques from the tutorial

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