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Work in Progress / Blockout - 2D Tower Defense-Shooter

Mr Kohlenstoff
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Posted: 30th Aug 2011 13:19 Edited at: 30th Aug 2011 13:24
Once upon a time I had this not really original idea of combining Tower Defense with Space Invaders... what came out was Invasion and it pretty much sucked. Just a week ago I had just the same idea once again, and said to myself: Hey, why not try to finish the whole game in 48 hours? Although that didn't completely work out, I still consider it a small success. This nearly finished second attempt is called Blockout (as for now - I had to realize there's already a game called BlockOut existing).

When starting the project I set a few goals I wanted to keep in mind during development:
- no external media
- fluent gameplay and presentation
- not-too-horrible balancing
- motivating the player to finish the game at least once

It's up to you to decide whether I met those goals or not. Apart from the first one, because that's pretty clear. There's no sound and all the graphical effects (consisting of colored rectangles and some blood particles, nothing more) were generated by code.

The gameplay is quite simple: You can move around, shoot, build stuff and repair it. How that is done is explained during the first few levels of the game (or in the pause menu which is triggered by the ESC key).
There are 25 levels that only differ in the amount and kind of enemies attacking you. Before each level you may upgrade your weapon and your blocks, buy some things in the shop and rebuild your base. Once you're ready, the invasion starts and you have to defend yourself.

What makes the game interesting is the fact that there are tons of possible strategies to beat the game. I challenge you to find the most original one.

Something like that:

Or even symmetrical:

OK then, I hope you enjoy playing and post your winning strategy, as well as brutally honest feedback (so far a few people told me that the game is highly frustrating, unless you find a working strategy - so if what you're trying doesn't work, you might just start a new game and experiment). By the way: Your progress will always be saved, so if you have to end the game, you can continue it later on.

Finally, I won't be able to respond within the next days, because I'm travelling to Asia (although it might be possible that the hotel I stay at privides an open wireless network).
So feel free to post feedback, screenshots of your base or anything else, and enjoy playing!


Thanks for your interest,
-Mr Kohlenstoff

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