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3 Dimensional Chat / Making a Scifi weapons pack

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Posted: 6th Sep 2011 17:32
Hello, everyone

This is Pizza boy, currently I am making a science fiction weapons pack, I have only finished texturing one and I made the model for another, all of the weapons I am making you will not find anywhere else since I made them from scratch, the two weapons I made thus far I am calling one the G-111 Helio Mortar and the other is called the XM46 I plan on making 10 Weapons in all for this pack but here are a screen shot of the two so far. And the XM46 I am still working out some of the details on that weapon, I figure in a month or two I will have the pack finished and one I finish them I will post a screenshot of the rest here in this post, I could use some comments if you see anything I need to adjust on these weapons, plus I sent Janet at TGC a email to try and set up an account with them when that is complete you should see them on the TGC store, but I will keep you updated on that, and they are low poly this will also be a tutorial series as in FPSC models and Media I have already started the series under BEST PLACE FOR TUTORIALS I have 3 tutorials posted there one on UV Unwrap, texturing in gimp and making the hand by Jonathan Williamson I will add on this thread how to animate the weapon in blender and getting it into FPSC by making the gun spec, crosshair, gun sounds, weapon pick-up, HUD, VWEAP and shaders but this will take some time in finishing these tutorials but I plan on doing them.

G-111 Heliomoartor

Uploaded with[/img]


Uploaded with[/img]

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