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3 Dimensional Chat / add 3d objects to "The 3d Game Maker"

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Joined: 31st Jan 2010
Location: iola ks.
Posted: 18th Sep 2011 20:24
ever since i bought the 3d game maker it has been a disapointment
but i want to use it to view my 3d objects, but i can't figure out how to put my 3d objects in it. i put them in this folder :"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dark Basic Software\The 3D Gamemaker\Objects\09User\4Enemy" and yet i cannot add them to the game. what do i need to do?

sincerely detran
Travis Gatlin
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Joined: 14th May 2009
Location: Oxford, Alabama
Posted: 18th Sep 2011 22:12
Maybe you need to scale up your models a bit, do they show up in the list, if they do, then it's 1 of 2 things, your model is too small, or there's an exporter error.
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Joined: 30th Apr 2008
Posted: 20th Sep 2011 21:54
really should leave the 3d game maker and go onto Fps creator. The 3d game maker is old and well pretty rigid. Dosnt add much for users to actually do, click a few options click create and your done.

Fps is your best bet for more content

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