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3 Dimensional Chat / Hawker Hurricane WIP

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Posted: 4th Oct 2011 18:22 Edited at: 4th Oct 2011 18:23
Decided to update one of my older models and give it a fresh new lease of life, still not finished yet still got the normal map to sort but you may notice I have started it. Also tidying up some of the geometry as I go so there are errors I am aware of them and slowly getting them.


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Pincho Paxton
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Joined: 8th Dec 2002
Posted: 4th Oct 2011 18:59 Edited at: 4th Oct 2011 19:00
Very nice model, very nice paint job. I think that the canopy is arched at the front not V shaped, and that really would make a difference to the look. And putting the exhaust cylinders in a slot would also help the look. But it is very good anyway.

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Posted: 5th Oct 2011 09:22
The canopy is arched but not really that clear from these angles, the exhaust pipes could be resessed in the normal map and a quick change to the specular would add to the effect. Not really looking to make major changes to the geometry on this model as its just an excersise.


Available for weddings, bah mitz fers, funerals and freelance work.

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