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Code Snippets / [DBP] - Triangle interpolation

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Posted: 17th Oct 2011 19:32 Edited at: 17th Oct 2011 19:42
I've recently had problems making a function which figures out the height of a point on a 3D triangle from its three vertices' height values (talking about a surface element, not a triangle rotated at any angle!), and the X&Z position of the object i want to place onto the triangle (ground...)

Couldn't find a place anywhere which would have told me straight forward what to do, and rarely, what tried to tell me gave me tons of equations with a dozen unexplained variables... so i came up with my own solution and here it is:

(important detail: the triangle must have the same lenghts on all three sides, at least it was built for that)

The triangle's three verts are:

vertAx#, vertAy#, vertAz#
vertBx#, vertBy#, vertBz#
vertCx#, vertCy#, vertCz#

The point's coordinates where we want to get the height of the tri:
edTERRAIN3dmouseX#, edTERRAIN3dmouseZ#

We get the height in this variable:

The code:

Good for not relying on any collision methods.

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