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Work in Progress / [DBP] Mystic Orb Quest - Adventure/RPG

Ashingda 27
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Joined: 15th Feb 2008
Posted: 18th Oct 2011 07:25
Mystic Orb Quest is a side project I've been working on now and then, it's gotten to a point where I'm really considering spending more time on it. It's a simple adventure/rpg game like the classic Zelda.

This is opensource everything is coded by me (it's a mess), half the art are drawn by myself, some are taken from FruitWars and the rest are from the internet. Long time ago there was an RPG Dark Noobs project in the Newcomers DBPro corner (failed project) well this is what's left of it, much has changed.

You play as a Dark Knight who was asked to retrieve the Mystic Orb from the goblin island where many has failed. He is accompany by a few royal knights who fights along with him although they don't like him because he's really a convict on a mission to pardon himself.





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Joined: 18th Oct 2007
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Posted: 18th Oct 2011 07:45
I see you found a way to draw tiles with layers (I think it was you that asked something like that in the DBC board), looks awesome I shall give it a go tonight.


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Posted: 1st Nov 2011 07:55 Edited at: 2nd Nov 2011 04:09
Always impressed. No doubt.

EDIT: I don't have anything to do for the next week or so, (school is an exception ) So I can help a little bit. (And P.S., this isnt like last time I asked to help on something of you'res. Because this time, I actually KNOW how to code.

I don't think you need proof, but here ya go. (Rem out the main menu, unless you want me to attach the images)

Also, still a work in progress. Just figure I'd show you

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