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Music & Sound FX / [OFFERED] Game Composer and Sound FX Designer available !

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Joined: 23rd Oct 2011
Posted: 24th Oct 2011 03:51
Hello. I'm a self-taught musician and Indie game composer that has been making music since 2004 and I'd like to write music for your game. My rates are Indie friendly and affordable.

Why should you hire me to write for your game? Well first, I'm a gamer myself. I believe in creativity, immersion, fun, and building a game developers brand loyalty.

My focus is on making game music memorable and passionate, leaving gamers with a sense of nostalgia and having them look forward to a developers next title. I also focus my compositions on atmosphere and emotion, immersing the player in the game making him feel that he is right in the middle of the action or a part of the games storyline.

Music is important in a game and it keeps the player interested subconsciously!

Here is my linkedin profile and my soundcloud portfolio

For further questions email me at ( Serious inquiries only please )

Original Music for your game -

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