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Code Snippets / [DBP] - Object Creation in Relation to Other Objects

Chris Tate
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Posted: 22nd Nov 2011 18:53 Edited at: 22nd Nov 2011 19:07
Objects are frequently created at the start of major scenes, often at the location specified by a world editor.

Sometimes you need to create objects at a certain position and angle in relation to another; such as producing dust under skidding tyres, an event indicator ahead of the camera or a construction at a user specified coordinate.

Use of rotate and position object commands can get tedious and time consuming for larger projects with 100s of entities.

The purpose of the following code is to perform a creation, instancing or clone job on an object at a location without repeating redundant statements in wordy instructions; doing more with less code, and in somecases without having to be specific.

The names of the functions are self explanitory. You may use as many of the functions as you feel you need, they do not reference each other.

Modification is a recommendation to best suite your needs.

Keep me posted with your attempts to use it.

Basic creation demo

Basic instance and clone demo

More snippets

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