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2D All the way! / Character sprite problems...

Mister Fuzzy
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Posted: 24th Nov 2011 07:05
Ok, so I'm working on a Legend of Zelda-esque game that uses 2d characters over a 3D free-roam world, and the sprite sheet I need will be MASSIVE...

I have placeholder sprites in use currently, and I'm actually kinda afraid of animating my characters. To retain continuity between the 3D world and my sprites, I need a certain degree of realism. No problem, except the massive number of large frames needed for my animation (each frame is about 96x96, or 128x128. I honestly can't remember, but either will do). My quesion is, are there any reference images for, say, rpg graphics that someone can find (or make - I'd appreciate that a LOT) that isn't just little pudgy dudes that conform to a little square? (Like Pokemon - those sprites are horrid. That's all I can find on Google, anyway) Like I said earlier - they still need to retain some level of realism.

Or, better, is there a reference human 3D model I can manipulate for reference for my sprites? I like to use Blender for 3D (That's what I made the world "tiles" in...) so I have no problem with rigging models myself, if needed.

Please don't think this is a "recruiting" post: I'm fully willing to do all of the artwork myself (But if you REALLY want to do it, I won't complain...), I just need something to start off with, something that has a certain level of realism. And not Pokemanz.

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