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Code Snippets / [DBP] - Make sprite buttons on the fly with a simple function call

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Joined: 26th Nov 2010
Posted: 27th Nov 2011 15:44
DarkBasic Pro is certainl a lot of fun.
After being used to managing 2D buffers in Pygame, it is a delight to find a 2D/3D engine that has the same kind of power.

Here's a conversion of one of my Pygame functions to DarkBasic, that generates buttons on the fly, with a single function call. Instead of creating image buttons in an image painter, the game or simulation can make it's own buttons 'on the fly' whenever they are needed.


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Joined: 20th Dec 2004
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Posted: 27th Nov 2011 23:59
You should make it generate it's own sprite and image numbers and return the sprite number.

You should also have a function that checks the state of the button, e.g., ButtonClicked(spriteNo) that returns true or false.

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Posted: 29th Nov 2011 12:08
Nice... thanks for sharing...

Brought back memories of some old games...

You should add this to the codebase too.

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