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3 Dimensional Chat / Applying one model's animations to another, and re-using animations

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Posted: 2nd Dec 2011 02:39
Hey everyone,
I have a question regarding skeletal animations and applying one model's animations to another. I'm using FRAGmotion and Milkshape3D. What happens when I merge animations between models, is that the skeletons are somehow incompatible between the two, and the end result is a deformed mess.

So, how can I use the first model's animations in a second model? The only solution that I can think of would be deleting the first model's geometry, replacing it with the second model's, and then reassigning all vertexes to new bones (But there has to be a better way then this).

Second question, I own Enhanced Animations. If all my models (eventually) use the same set of animations, I should be able to load one copy of the animation set into Enhanced Animations, and apply them to the models?

Thank you all for your help.

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