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2D All the way! / [LOCKED] M Adventure 2D

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Posted: 3rd Dec 2011 23:44 Edited at: 3rd Dec 2011 23:45
My Adventure
by UOK Software

We have been working on this for roughly two months now and I hope to be done soon. The game has over 70 different monsters, 30 levels, 400 plus items; crafting system, upgrade your home, mining system, lumberjacking system, travel system and more. This is the biggest VB 2d games I’ve ever made and I think it’s pretty nice.

Ages 5 and up

We wanted something that would be appealing to modern day but had a old school style/look. The inspiration and concepts are based mostly on Greek Gods and ancient cultures. Beta testing signup sheet will be posted on our website forums soon. Until then, enjoy the sneak peak.

Release Data:
No date set yet but expect to see it on sale early 2012

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Posted: 4th Dec 2011 01:23

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