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3 Dimensional Chat / maxscript for physique

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Joined: 22nd Aug 2011
Posted: 6th Dec 2011 16:38
Hello Folks,

I use 3dsmax to making models and animations for FPS Creator.

As i am very lazy , i use maxscripts for almost every task i do in 3dsmax.

I am looking for a maxscript to automatically adjust the biped physique weight in the character.

In example, when i atach a biped to a character using pshysique, i need to select a lot of the vertices of this character and click on "assign to link", to adjust the rig.

However, this is very time consuming, and it would be a "breeze" if i could use a maxscript and just in one click it adjusts automatic the physique weight in the character.

Does anyone know a maxscript like this?

I already searched on, however, could not find there.



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