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Music & Sound FX / Music Packs & Custom Work Offered

Christian Andersson
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Joined: 14th Jul 2010
Posted: 7th Dec 2011 20:49
Hello Guys!

I hope that your game development is going forward and that you have lots of plans during Christmas... to work on your games!

This fall, I've been busy with a couple of ordered music jobs, and the latest was a mystery game called Pahelika Revelations, the successor to Pahelika Secret Legends that sold in 100,000 copies - that's quite a number for an indie game! It's been very inspiring and the people I worked with was highly professional (Ironcode Games), and I've also scored the complete soundtrack for a game called Elleville Elfrid (Rockpocket Games), also some really great people to work with.

The last weeks, I've worked on my soundpacks. I have now updated my home page with a collection of Music Packs, exactly the sames ones that I have on AudioSparx. So you can either follow the link to AudioSparx and purchase them there or you can license them directly from me at a 30% price cut.
Now that the Skyrim hystery is sweeping through all gamers, my latest music compositions are included in a music pack aimed toward RPG fantasy games and it's called "Cozy Taverns and Inns".

Of course, you can also put together custom packs if you don't find what you're looking for in the ready-made-packs.

Some other cool news:
- Now 250+ fans at Jango Airplay
- This week, I'm signing with a new music agency in New York City!
- Last week, I registered a bundle of tracks to an international copyright agency: 98 new tracks!
- In October, I got one of my tracks licensed by a film production company.
You can read more about latest news here.

Remember: I am always willing to
- compose brand new tunes for your games, or...
- do custom work on my existing tunes if you find something that almost fits.

Now, here's my Xmas gift to you: I'm now running a low-price-round at
... all my tracks (~250) can be licensed at 20$ flat rate! ... but only for a limited time.

All right, guys, I realize this is early, but since you won't hear from me for some time (as I don't want to spam this forum with annoying ad-like-info) I wish you all a very merry (and productive! Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Take care & Keep up the coding pace!
/Christian Andersson,

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