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2D All the way! / Spruce up my installer and win a free copy of PureGDK!

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Joined: 9th Nov 2005
Posted: 11th Dec 2011 16:32 Edited at: 11th Dec 2011 16:35
As the PureGDK beta comes to a close I would like to add a touch of polish to the installer. This is not a contest with a guaranteed winner as I may not use any of the entries. But if I end up using any of what you submit in full or in part then you win. There can even be multiple winners if I choose to only use parts of different entries.

I would be most interested in a simplistic design that does not try to take the user's attention away from the content. What I want is a nice professional flare.

Also, for those of you who are pixel masters, I would be interested in an alternative loading gif to the one I'm using right now. A spinning PureGDK logo would be nice, perhaps.

Here is an archive with screenshots of all of the important pages of the installer:

Good luck!

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Posted: 20th Dec 2011 01:52 Edited at: 8th Jan 2012 22:12

So many games to little time.

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