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Work in Progress / [NaGaCreMo 2012] Grim - a 3D comedy platformer

Blobby 101
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Joined: 17th Jun 2006
Location: England, UK
Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 18:27 Edited at: 5th Jan 2012 12:46

Grim - a 3rd person 3D platform game

Hey, this is Grim - a joint project between Deathead and me. It is a 3D platformer starring a rather inept grim reaper who, after a failed job, is left having to fight his way back to the top and get revenge once and for all.

The game has a very cartoony and happy art style, but with more adult humour in some respects (it's very much in the style of Conker's bad fur day for the N64). I have just started recoding the engine more or less from scratch so we have a lot of work to do before February!

Here are some screenshots:

First, the new, 3D main menu:

The options screen from said menu:

A shot of the old first level, showing the main character:

And another shot from it, this time demonstrating the "Air Slam" attack:

This is the new, redesigned first level. It's not complete yet and so isn't in-game (The real scene will have a different sky, and better water xD):

I'll update here with more pics and things later on. For now, our goal for NaGaCreMo is to complete the main mechanics of the engine and the entire first level (including cutscenes).

3D menu
Complete level editor
Main Character
main engine:
3D movement
[b] Camera with collision
[b] multiple attacks with combos
[b] ledge grabbing
[b] realtime cutscenes
[b] interactive puzzles (Tomb Raider style, levers etc.)
scripted cutscenes

It's a pretty ambitious project but we're fairly confident we can achieve our goal within the 30 days (bear in mind, a lot of those features marked as in progress have already been done but then thrown out in the new engine, so will be fairly simple to do this time around)


Blobby 101 - Programming, 2D media
Deathead - 3D media, some 2D media

Well, I think that's everything - thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing your comments!

Ashingda 27
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Joined: 15th Feb 2008
Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 20:17
Wow it's looking very awesome. I like the level design it's very simple yet appealing. Good job on it so far I'll be looking in to this.

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Joined: 18th Oct 2007
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Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 21:29
I like the title and the story, and the graphics looks pretty darn awesome too I hope you add some lighting later on like in CBFD, that'll make it look so much better.

Good luck!


Blobby 101
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Joined: 17th Jun 2006
Location: England, UK
Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 22:24
Cheers guys! There will be lighting in it to some extent later, yeah - there'll be lightmaps on the levels and Grim will have a shadow as well

AGK Backer
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Joined: 5th Dec 2010
Playing: FFVII
Posted: 3rd Jan 2012 02:17
Just had an Idea... give him a comical talking shadow... which says silly things... like you are too fat to jump higher silly... hehe

as above I like the graphics and visuals and look forward to seeing any visual effects... an Idea was a lightning bolt hitting hit spear everytime he does something like walking into a wall or jumping too high or something...

I never played abes oddysey but I did see some small clips... perhaps some more ideas from there? and grim fandango >.< never played that either but someone brought it to my attention recently...

Looking forward to more updates¬°

Mychal B
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Joined: 21st Jul 2010
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Posted: 5th Jan 2012 02:17
I love the menu, pretty nice format

The fastfood zombie killer
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Joined: 17th Jun 2006
Location: England, UK
Posted: 5th Jan 2012 12:47
Heh, thanks Mychal!

Progress is going fairly well, I've finished the editor now and have got levels loading in. I've also just finished off camera collision (which the old engine didn't have) so the camera doesn't clip through walls anymore xD

FPSC Developer
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Joined: 3rd Jul 2009
Location: pittsburgh, pa.
Posted: 5th Jan 2012 23:51
lookin good. can't wait to give it a try.

gamer, lover, filmmaker
Seppuku Arts
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Joined: 18th Aug 2004
Location: Cambridgeshire, England
Posted: 6th Jan 2012 20:17
Hell yes! The Grim Reaper! This looks like it could be a bit of fun.

And Conker's Bad Fur Day was an amazing game, so I think you're making the right choice in going for something similar. I'll be interested in seeing how this turns out.

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