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Music & Sound FX / Noob Question about embedding sound

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Joined: 18th Jan 2012
Posted: 18th Jan 2012 22:57
OK so from what I have read this SHOULD work but doesn't.

I have DarkBASIC Professional. I have a WAV file in "Directory X".

I want to embed it in the project. I go to "Media" and "ADD" the file. I check off that I want to copy it to the project directory.

The file is called "Action1.wav".

In my code I say:

My understanding is that with embedded files you just reference the filename (no path needed) and it should work.

I get "Runtime Error 3002 [Could not load sound] at line 10"

What gives? I am sorry if this is answered somewhere else but I can't find it. Even the reference "DarkBASIC for the Absolute Beginner" didn't help.


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