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iOS and MacOS / [LOCKED] Train Tycoon: Mind what your train is crashing into this time

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Posted: 3rd Feb 2012 07:42 Edited at: 8th Feb 2012 08:58
Trains are supposed to stick to its routes, right? Sometimes there are just some annoying objects or clueless persons wandering in the way of the train track, what will the train do? Run them over or get a destructive crash, it will not wedge; it’s the one thing trains are trained to do. What if you are given the power of tweaking the train a little bit? You are empowered to change its direction when it is headlessly banging into a rock or a fence which is currently out of order. These things happen, right? When you are on the train, I bet you don’t want to crash to pieces just because of a misplaced rock got in the way, nobody likes that butterfly effect. In Train Tycoon, we give you that power to play god. You can change the direction which the train is going; you can choose The Road Not Deadly this time.Visit < LINK REMOVED >
It can run on any device that could support HTML 5
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Posted: 8th Feb 2012 08:58

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