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Music & Sound FX / Good music creation software for your games

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Joined: 14th Jan 2007
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Posted: 3rd Feb 2012 13:34
If you are a musician and wants to create music for your games, then I suggest fruity loops. That is a good tool since it uses VCT instruments. You don't just assemble a fine tune with already made soundfiles, you can transpose, score and do fine sheet music, yet it's digital audio, ready to be exported to *.mp3 or *.wav ready to use in your games.

I see that the music files shipped with FPSC are *.ogg. Don't know the reason for this, but mp3 and wav works aswell. And I also don't know if you can export your files to the ogg format in fruity loops.

But anyway it's a good program.

I have read here and there a guy that is talking about reason. Never tried it out, but I just downloaded a trial and will check it out.

Anyone have another good suggestion? Air your thoughts here.

Best regards
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Posted: 3rd Feb 2012 16:02
Hi mnemonic

Regarding the MP3, OGG formats... unlike MP3... OGG has no licencing requirements... whereas OGG is open source so to say... thats why few if ever any use MP3... (I learnt about this here so I was unaware of this at one point too... but I think OGG is a nice format and good compression too...)

Hope that helped

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Joined: 14th Jan 2007
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Posted: 4th Feb 2012 18:14
Hi MrValentine

Aha, thanks,,,, now I know why people use ogg instead of mp3
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Posted: 5th Feb 2012 04:04 Edited at: 5th Feb 2012 04:06
Never really liked FL (as well as GarageBand), but Reaper is an awesome, cheap (it's shareware, and after the trial period it just adds an "register please" window on startup, like WinRAR) DAW.
I like Renoise as well, but it's a tracker - not everyone has to like them. This one is pay-only, with a non-saving demo. But if you like trackers it's well worth.
Speaking of trackers there's this neat freebie called Psycle. It's a modular tracker, so instead of using all synths/effects usually, you lay them down and connect them using "cables" ( see screenshot ). I find it very intuitive and convenient. Modular version of Renoise would be the perfect tracker, if you ask me.

OFC all of them support vst.

From typical, "big" software I have used only Ableton Live. It was great, but honestly... I have Reaper for only a bit of Ableton's price, it may have just spoiled me...

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Posted: 11th Feb 2012 02:54
reason is the king of midi composition. you can rewire it into most wave studio software too.

something like Reason rewired to Abelton is immensely powerful

it does take a little while to work out reasons composer window, but once mastered it so easy and intuitive, you will feel like a fat kid at the end of a pie conveyor belt.

at SAE institute (school of audio engineering) the software that they teach you the trade on is Pro-tools,Reason and cubase

Protools is the industry standard, it is a reliable work horse and is extremely flexible, but is expensive.

we learned cubase for general home recording applications, I imagine by now they have replaced cubase with abelton, as abelton is more intuitive and simpler to understand and use, and has greater power than cubase.(cubases interface annoys me)

Reason has all the ease of digital midi and usb devices

it hooks together like real audio equipment, so even though it is virtual, you are still learning how to set up real audio gear. which is handy.
there are enough presets to satify novices, and enough flexibility for advanced users to go ape tweaking it out to perfection, or even build synthesizer sounds from the ground up.
the entire scope of reasons power is too great to really explain here, just understand that there is very little that reason cannot do with it, and rewired to abelton or protools, it is unstoppable.

if you have the doe then reason is the go

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Joined: 30th Aug 2003
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Posted: 17th Feb 2012 02:32
Another good option is LMMS. It has a Windows build, and isn't too hard to get into. Also, free. Freeee.

From the website - "LMMS is a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer. This includes the creation of melodies and beats, the synthesis and mixing of sounds, and arranging of samples. You can have fun with your MIDI-keyboard and much more; all in a user-friendly and modern interface."


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Joined: 18th Jan 2009
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Posted: 20th Feb 2012 20:31
Or if your the next Skrillex then I suggest Audio Tools. Lot of fun to use and it comes with an insane amount of free samples. Oh yah, and it's free!!

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Joined: 23rd Feb 2012
Posted: 24th Feb 2012 02:09
This could be a big help for those who needed music to their games specially me

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