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3 Dimensional Chat / Skeletal Animation w/DirectX

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Joined: 10th Feb 2012
Posted: 11th Feb 2012 00:57
I'm trying to write a program for skeletal animation in DirectX 9, I have used LoadMeshFromHierarchy function to load an animated I would like to bypass the animController so that I can dictate the animation by reading keyframes from the animated mesh file(ex. tiny.x) and looping through those keys at will.

Here is what I have so this point I have already parsed the .x file successfully and stored each animation, and animationkey for the sole animation set within a class (Anim). When I run this update function the animated mesh is disfigured, i can't figure out why...I assume it is the process by which I update the transformation matrix for each is my code:

Is my method correct? The first thing I do for each frame is reset the transformation matrix to identity, then I calculate an interpolated value for each key(translation, scale, rotation, & matrix) and apply it to the transformation matrix...then I update the frame matrices, and then the skinned mesh.

Any ideas?
Travis Gatlin
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Posted: 11th Feb 2012 01:46
This is probably the wrong place to ask. Try Programming Chat.
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