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3 Dimensional Chat / [LOCKED] Daz3d Studio Pro/Bryce 7/Hexagon 2.5 free till 2/29

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Posted: 19th Feb 2012 13:50
I've been looking for an alternative 3d modelling package and someone recommended daz3d hexagon, upon checking the site I noticed they are putting 3 of their software packages up for free until the end of feb

Note: it does require registering an account for newsletter subscription

Quick rundown:
- Daz Studio Pro seems to be more designed around animation and artwork
- Bryce7 is used for landscapes
- Hexagon seems more useful for game creators as a modelling package

I've not thoroughly tested it but it seems both bryce and hexagon can export into formats that DBPro can read (.x/.3ds respectively). Not sure if there's any limitations. Either way these look like good software packages and thought it worth posting.
Studio Pro supports other formats, namely .obj which should convert to .x fairly easily

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Posted: 19th Feb 2012 14:23 Edited at: 19th Feb 2012 14:45
I use Hexagon 2.

It's not a bad tool, in fact it's pretty well featured. Prior to 2.5 update I used to find it buggy, mind you since 2.5 I've not done a lot of 3D modelling, so I've not been able to stress it.

It is designed exclusively for speeding up modelling and it comes with a decent set of tools to do that.

Some cool features that make this worth grabbing before the offer runs out:

UV Mapping. It comes with a fairly decent UV Mapper. I didn't used to use it because it was buggy...but this was version 2.1
Painting. It comes with tools to directly paint your texture on your model in real time. Of course, you'll need to UV Map your model first. It also can use texture brushes, which is pretty handy

Displacement Painting. You can go into extremely high detail (like ZBrush users can) with its displacement brush. I made a few models doing this, but at a time when I was crap at it XD.

Bryce is probably a good solution for creating Sky Boxes, I never really properly used it, so I am unsure of what features it can use.

Daz Studio (dunno if Pro is any different), but last time I checked you couldn't rig your own models in there, it seemed more like Daz's own take on Poser, where you're able to use customise pre-made media and create scenes and animations. It might be fantastic for visualising a rendered scene before you've modelled it.

Also, all of their software is available for PC & Mac. You get a total of 4 download tries. If you purchase the software it's 10 (for each version, so 10 for PC download and 10 for Mac download.

Downloading Hexagon again, might come up with something to demonstrate some of its features for those interested.

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Posted: 19th Feb 2012 16:10

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