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2D All the way! / how to start a new thread

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Joined: 17th Feb 2012
Posted: 20th Feb 2012 00:23
I was wondering how to start a new thread if i didn't by posting this one. Also if this isn't a thread, how do i check to see if anyone replies?
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Joined: 30th Aug 2003
Location: Melbourne
Posted: 20th Feb 2012 04:00 Edited at: 20th Feb 2012 04:01
Hi jayjey, welcome to the forums!

It's generally considered bad practice to post threads with little content. Imagine this forum is a dinner party, and you want to converse with the other guests. Be polite, clear, and allow some room for conversation. It is a forum, after all, and not a help desk.

Also, remember to post in the correct board. This, for instance, is the 2D Board. If your post doesn't relate to 2D art or development in some way, it will most likely get locked.

In regards to this post, I'm not super sure I understand it, but yes, this is a thread. You can check back here to see replies, or click the little check-box labled "Receive email to your MailBack address each time someone replies" at the bottom of the posting dialogue. If your mailback address is right, you will be emailed every time someone replies.

You are new here, so it's understandable that you might not know what to do. Take some time, explore the forum, get used to the way things are done here, and I'm sure you'll be up to speed in no time!


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