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Music & Sound FX / Hallo! New in town :)

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Joined: 1st Mar 2012
Location: Italy
Posted: 1st Mar 2012 14:54
Hallo all, my name is Simone Cicconi and I work as a freelance composer and sound designer for the video game industry since 2001. I found some interesting topics on this forum and I decided to sign up, hoping that this will lead me to find some new contacts and opportunities!
In the meantime, if you are interested you can take a tour in my studio website and listen to some of the works I composed and produced.... and please don't be too rude with your judgements

Thanks! Bye!

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Joined: 18th Jan 2009
Location: Paradox
Posted: 26th Mar 2012 16:16
Very cool work. Any insight on your pricing?

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Joined: 26th Mar 2012
Posted: 11th Apr 2012 18:23
what to download ?
Non Sequitur M
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Joined: 28th Oct 2008
Location: Where am I!? Where are YOU?
Posted: 13th Jun 2012 19:48 Edited at: 13th Jun 2012 19:54
Very, very nice work there! This is coming from someone who has played music half his life(I'm 25), you have a very good ear. I especially love the two Vatican songs. Is that a game you worked on? Could you possibly give me a link to the game or the creator's website?

Also, as Josh asked, what is your pricing?

I found a link to Vatican. Lol. Should have searched your site before asking, lol.


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