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PureGDK / Linux server?

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Joined: 15th Jun 2010
Posted: 13th Mar 2012 02:43
I am looking to make a multiplayer game and it would be very useful to be able to run the server on a linux machine,

I was wondering if, because puregdk can be compiled on gcc, there was a way that a linux machine could use some of its functions for the server.

Mostly it would just need the physics systems and none of the actual graphical stuff that requires directx.

If This is not possible i may have to forgo using puregdk for this project and i would rather not.

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Joined: 21st Aug 2003
Posted: 13th Mar 2012 12:43
I might be wrong, but I don't think that's possible. DX is rooted too deeply so even plain physics would require some Windows specific code.

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