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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / WIP: Kick Start Remake

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Joined: 22nd May 2008
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Posted: 16th Mar 2012 12:50
Hi, All I have been Working Hard fixing little bugs trying to get some sort of ragdoll going on the rider when he falls off, and so on. The editor part of the game is fully functional but still lots to add.

loads of tweaks to do as well, but all in all the game is coming along fine.

There can only be one
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Joined: 28th May 2011
Posted: 18th Apr 2012 19:49
Look forward to playing this.
I have fond memories of playing mastertronics kickstart on my C64

(I'm also old enough to remember watching it on the telly too...Sssh, Don't tell anyone :p)

Breakout clone:
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Posted: 19th Apr 2012 12:48
I may have watched an episode or three myself... I played the Spectrum version for many hours and love the idea of adding a level editor in that same style!

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