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3 Dimensional Chat / Reference image setup

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Joined: 4th Feb 2006
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 17th Mar 2012 19:55
I was wondering if someone could help explain how to set up reference images properly. I know how you do it, I just can't figure out which way to face the plains, align the images etc so that you can follow the flow of the reference.

Basically, at the moment I am trying to set up 3 images of a hand reference so that I can model the hand, but when I start, it seems to me anyway, that some of the images may be the wrong way round, its just confusing me. This is the tutorial I got the images from:

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Joined: 3rd Jul 2008
Location: Equestria!
Posted: 18th Mar 2012 11:25
what program are you using?

The result of origin.. Oh and ponies

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