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Work in Progress / [FPSC] + [DBP]FPSC model keyframer

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Posted: 21st Mar 2012 13:05 Edited at: 23rd Mar 2012 05:23
Hi all,

I wanted to use FPSC models in a Dark Basic Pro project and found that finding and seperating individual animations can be time consuming and bothersome.

I have created a tool that makes this process easy and quick.

Setting up your models for easy use is as simple as...

1.Load your animated model files into this program.
-Both .X and .Obj files are supported

2.Use sliderbars to adjust the beginning and end frames of your desired animation
-watch the animation on screen
-looping animation updated in realtime
-zoom and rotate model to see it from the perfect angle
-pinpoint exact start/end frames with finetune controls

3.Save numerous animations per session
-save animations with custom names

4.Export list of animations names,startframe,endframe to text file for reference

5.Export animation list as DBA file that can be included in dark basic pro project
-each animation is exported as a function eg...
-add a prefix to the function name to ensure unique function names
-just includethe DBA file and animate your model with the functions

*scrollwheel to zoom
*click and drag 3d window to rotate model

This program works pretty well on my pc. I'm at a point where I would like some people to test it out for ease of use and for any bugs that may arise from different systems/circumstances.
the zip file is attached and its size is about 2MB.

any feedback or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

On another note, I am having trouble naming this piece of software(Its hard to sum up its function in a short name that doesnt become bulky and awkward). got any suggestions?

edit:replaced exe with correct last build
(posted wrong file, should work well now)

Sometimes I like to use words out of contents


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Mychal B
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Posted: 3rd Apr 2012 03:34
Sounds like a great ideya, I'll give it a try

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