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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] Adventure game system AGK

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Joined: 7th Nov 2011
Posted: 29th Mar 2012 21:16
Hi all,

I have seen many beautiful projects here and I wanted to share that I am working on a adventure game system for AGK.
The goal is to develop a toolset and to create my first adventure game for mobile handhelds. The game is called: The golden mask of egypt.
Here are a few screenshots of concept art and the architecture design.

ART Concepts

Architecture concept

I will write a own front end on top of the AppGameKit stack using multiple technologies e.g. .NET software (another placement editor but now for adventure games)

-Develop an advenuture game system for AGK.
Develop an adventure game-engine using AppGameKit and a full adventure game with sounds and animations.
Draw all art for my game on a android tablet. The above art is drawn only using a tablet and paint software.

Share parts of the adventure game engine to create your own commercial adventure game.

What do you think of this project? Looking forward to your comments or feedback!
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Joined: 28th Jan 2004
Posted: 1st Apr 2012 15:46
Looks great Pieter11. A lot of people would find this of interest I am sure. I always fancy trying one, but the media is a bit much for me manage. I like the side windows on the editor pic. I assume that is .net, as AppGameKit doesn't support them, or at least not without writing your own system to emulate them.
Oh one thing AGS (Adventure Game Studio), already exists, perhaps you may want to think of a more original title name. It is a free product, so I doubt you would get any hassle at all, but I thought I would give you a heads up anyway.

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Joined: 30th Aug 2003
Location: Melbourne
Posted: 2nd Apr 2012 10:26
I've been writing an adventure game for a few months now in AppGameKit, and am finding it to be pretty easy. A lot of what I'm doing is non-standard stuff, but it's all easy enough to get going. I'll be very interested to see what you come up with! Good luck.


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Joined: 7th Nov 2011
Posted: 2nd Apr 2012 23:29
Hi Greenlig and Dvader,

Thank you for your comments!
Yes, the challenge is to make adventure games developing easier with object placements and background management, using transitions, clickable objects, dialogs, sound management and all the basic things you will need in an adventure game.
Of course you can start in AppGameKit directly but as projects tend to grow a system would be more interesting to manage and make an adventure game.

New concept background:

Here is a small roadmap:
-Golden Mask of Egypt Demo (To be announced)
-.NET development (concept development has begun)

Development concepts:

1-Development of the IDE
-place objects
-Change backgrounds (import export dialogs)
-Make rooms
-Add sounds
-Aditional scripting options

2-Second will be generating the code.

-Code generation

The adventurestudio development follows the game-development. In this case the studio is tested by making an own adventure game in it.

All your feedback is welcome! And I hope the project will be worth sharing I will keep posting updates.

AGK Developer

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