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2D All the way! / powerful new 2d game animation tool for making vanillaware-like animations

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Joined: 1st Apr 2012
Posted: 2nd Apr 2012 01:35
Hi everyone, my name is Edgar Muniz, and I'm the lead programmer of a powerful 2d game animation tool called Spriter. It exports to a universal XML based file format that can be easily integrated into any authoring tool or game engine, please take a look:

A beta of the free version is available now for download just below the video at the link above, and we'll be releasing the format specification for any developer to have a go at integrating Spriter animation before the end of our Kickstarter campaign.

If its a project you're interested in, please spread the word, and ask any questions you may have. Just give us a little time to answer, as there has been a large response, and getting to everyone takes some time.

Thank you!
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Posted: 21st Apr 2012 00:33
Love this tool, you have my support in the form of $$$

Please support the AppGameKit sdk!
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Posted: 21st Apr 2012 02:08 Edited at: 21st Apr 2012 02:09
Cool tool this is, Edgar! I really love it.
I'd love to get this tool, but unfortunaly, I don't have a mastercard, or any of the other payment options. So, my question is, is it possible to pay by bank/wire transfer? Or, will it in the future?
Also, since I live in Belgium, would it be possible to pay in euro?


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