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iOS and MacOS / The new game for iPhone and iPad Picture Hangman

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Joined: 6th Feb 2012
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Posted: 4th Apr 2012 16:07
The new game for iPhone and iPad Picture Hangman, developed by an FGFactory company to the order of a Tringio LLC, is a brilliant twist of a famous word game of hangman. The developers offer you to look at your favorite puzzle from the new angle and guess parts of the images instead of the words.

One hundred of levels with diverse, fantastic pictures that look like chalk drawings. Each level starts with a part of the image already drawn on a “board” and a set of pieces at the side of the screen, some of them complete the image and some are not related to it in any way. The player’s task is to guess which parts are appropriate and just tap on them. If the choice is correct, the piece goes to its place on the board, if not – you get a strike. Be careful, as five strikes make the game over.

The game design concept is really unique and impossibly creative. The chalkboard total look along with the straight forward user interface and fantastic pictures to guess make this Picture Hangman game for iPhone/iPad a unique, joyful experience! This video demonstrates the game play, and you can also find more info about the Picture Hangman if you visit the developer’s site at or the game’s official site: Try it, and you will get addicted to it right from the first touches! The game has both iPhone and iPad versions available in the Apple AppStore:,"
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Posted: 5th Apr 2012 19:00
Was this game produced with AppGameKit? If not, I suggest the mods remove the post.

-- Jim
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Posted: 10th Apr 2012 17:45
Seems like no.

It's just spam.

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