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Work in Progress / Summoners of War

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Joined: 5th Apr 2012
Location: Dominican Republic
Posted: 6th Apr 2012 06:31
Hi everyone, this is a project that im making with a friends its a online game for Smarth phones, hope you like it.

3D Modeller and animator
Agent Dink
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Joined: 30th Mar 2004
Posted: 7th Apr 2012 23:11
That's a schnazzy intro and all, but could you tell us a bit about it? Is it being made in AppGameKit?
Dark_ITheI _Angel
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Joined: 3rd Sep 2002
Posted: 8th Apr 2012 00:26
like what? the intro or the game? , I like the intro !!! the game not that much maybe when i see it !! :p

Travis Gatlin
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Joined: 14th May 2009
Location: Oxford, Alabama
Posted: 8th Apr 2012 00:46
Looking at some of their other game(s). Looks like they're using Unity 3D. Sorry dude, only games being made with TGC products are supposed to be posted here. Also, you may wanna get a little bit more work before you announce it to anybody. Good luck anyways
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