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Music & Sound FX / [OFFERED] We Sound Like Games

Stephen White
Years of Service
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Joined: 9th Apr 2012
Posted: 10th Apr 2012 06:13

Do you hear what we hear? If not, then perhaps we have an opportunity to collaborate! Steve and George love games and audio. From 6-button controllers to 6-string guitars, we thrive at the intersection at which these two media meet. With years of experience performing, singing and composing music as well as a lifetime obsession with games, we are eager to hear from you and meet you at that intersection.

Offering services in original music, sound design and dialogue editing, we’re currently seeking projects that are smaller in scope and have immediate need for sound. With two of us on the job, we are sure we can work within your time and budgetary constraints. We look forward to meeting with you!


Steve and George
music / sound design / dialog editing

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