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3 Dimensional Chat / [Paid] Character Artist seeking work

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Joined: 19th Apr 2012
Posted: 19th Apr 2012 12:25
Hi all, I'm a 3D artist from London currently studying traditional art and looking for work - ideally character art but would also love the opportunity to work in any aspect of development art, e.g. environments, junior positions, etc. Currently looking for paid work rather than royalties, etc.

If you'd like to view some of my work, please do so at:


Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon

Phil Mehr

Art Dump:-

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Please get in contact at:[/COLOR]
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2009
Location: The Normandy SR-2
Posted: 20th Apr 2012 13:04 Edited at: 20th Apr 2012 13:05

Looks like very nice work. If I had any kind of budget I'd definitely be interested.

Previously TEH_CODERER.
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Joined: 8th Nov 2007
Location: Luxemburg
Posted: 18th May 2012 03:05
What would we need to pay for a custom character (low poly) ?

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep.

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