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iOS and MacOS / Defocus/blur part of the screen

Kevin Cross
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Posted: 3rd May 2012 15:54

Has anyone seen the latest PayPal app on the iPhone where it blurs the screen when you first go into the app? This isn't a biggy but I'd like to do something similar by blurring out part of the screen to show that the part of the screen that is in focus is what they need to respond too to continue. For example when they click on a card on the table and it rises/zooms on screen I want everything behind blurred so that the user knows that they can't do anything until they've selected the relevant action for the card or pressed cancel to put it back down.

I can stop other cards being clicked by adding a full screen transparent sprite underneath the zoomed card but above the cards on the table and I can change the colour of this full screen sprite to black and set it at a low alpha setting so that everything on the table is dark but I'm a little lost how I can make everything below this full screen sprite blurry.

I have Googled and it seems that it's impossible to have a blurry transparent png file so do you think the PayPal app is taking a screenshot of the app and then blurring that image and placing it at the front of the screen until the app has taken you to the login screen in order to hide the transactions that were showing when the app was last open? Do they have a sprite/layer that blurs everything below it? Or is there a filter available in the iOS SDK to do this which isn't available to T1 users?

Like I say it's not a biggy as I can make do with a black sprite with a low alpha setting to darken everything below the zoomed card.

I'm just wondering how PayPal have done it and if it's possible with the current set of AppGameKit commands or with a png file.


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