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DarkBASIC Discussion / Enhanced Animation with Dexsoft character models

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Joined: 31st Mar 2012
Posted: 6th May 2012 18:56
Has anyone gotten the Enhanced Animation working with any of Dexsoft character models before?

We're using Example 1 of the Enhanced Animation with the villager character model from Dexsoft and it looks like the model moves about 3 frames very slowly and then stops. Is there something specific about DarkGDK and the bones of the model that maybe other engines don't have because I can play this character in a couple other engines without issue. I haven't modified Example 1 much at all honestly. It's just like:

Fluffy Rabbit
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Posted: 6th May 2012 21:44

This is the DarkBASIC forum, not the DarkGDK forum.

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