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3 Dimensional Chat / Project M - Refined Models REQUEST

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Posted: 14th May 2012 14:11
ok so after expiremting with some models
i have decided to take Project M to the next level
this means:

there will be 2 character models for each theme with diffrent textures
so the game may posses alot of models but when you play you play the themed selected model.

the expremint i did with some models showed that the game is getting out of control and the athmosphere i want to create is gone..

alot of diffrent models just seems to hurt the project instead of doing good.

i will now start to work on a sample model and create a class for it
you can try to model one yourself and show it off we will just have to select the best theme this model will be on.

why do i think only 2 models per theme?
so it will be simple yet refined.

the models im after contain the following:

animation :

idle 0 to 40 frames.
walk 41 to 81 frames.
jump 82 to 123 frames.
shooting 124 to 164 frames.
reload 165 to 205 frames.

so its 40 frames per action.

all models have to be in this way in order to function properly inside the game.

each team will have a unique model, each theme will have 2 unique models
one for the blue team and one for the red team.

this may sounds bad models wise but its all about textures , so each model may have unlimited textures .

also the models im after are not built as one mesh with animations
but as limbs connected with the armature this is for making animation cycles such as walking and shooting or walking and reloading
i dont expect that a modeler will build :
walk,walk and shoot, walk and reload , jump, jump and shoot etc...
im building a unique system that will be able to animate from 2 cycles
so all i need is:
idle, walk, jump, shoot, reload and the system will do the rest.

the models will have to be in the same frames cycles as shown above.

i am sorry if i made some of you work in a diffrent approach but still project M is built from themes so any model is welcome we will jsut have to find or create the right theme for it.

ty, nadav , Project M creator.
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Posted: 14th May 2012 16:35
heya! not sure about this, but if you're gonna control animation from inside DB, won't all the models need to use identical armature-architecture? (i.e. identically named bones etc?) Its not really necessary, but otherwise you would have to re-code the animation tweaking for every new model, wouldn't you?

apart from that I like the idea of having one model for one theme and then using different textures to differentiate teams / players!
User Banned
Posted: 14th May 2012 17:36
you are right.

didnot thought of limbs names etc..
well , you gave me an idea

lets make one model

and two textures for diffrence

other users will download the model and use it to remodel or retexture
this way all modelers will work on the same limbs refining what they see
to be fit.

this is way more simplier to achive then thought it would

i'll work on a model sample ,NWO ty for seeing it.
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Posted: 15th May 2012 06:08 Edited at: 15th May 2012 06:48
Not a GDK guy, but surely you could code it so that an individual object can have it's own animation frames. In DBP, I do this using TYPE variables. I can use whatever start frame I want for walking, shooting, etc. All NPC objects would use NPC(#).WalkS as their start frame for walking and NPC(#).ShootS as their start frame for shooting. It seems restrictive to always use the same animation frames and the same bone / limb names.

Quote: "also the models im after are not built as one mesh with animations
but as limbs connected with the armature this is for making animation cycles such as walking and shooting or walking and reloading"

Not sure I follow you here. I can only animate the model with all of the limbs/bones attached to one another, as was in the evil bot character. I don't know if I can help with animation if it is done differently.

EDIT: Also, reloading frames will depend upon the individual weapon being used. Reloading a shotgun, for example, and a Scar are two different things. Will the characters hold the same weapon all the time, or will they be able to pick up weapons as they go?

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Posted: 15th May 2012 06:48 Edited at: 15th May 2012 07:01
Through code, the bone names would allow for individual limbs being animated at different keyframes. For instance, the legs could go through keyframes 1-40 (walking) while at the same time, the upper body could be going through keyframes 41-80 (reloading)

Some Pseudo code:

(it's sloppy, but might get the point across. [b][/b])

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Posted: 15th May 2012 09:01
well about the reloading , i plan on each character to have one weapon
so all realoading will look the same for this character.

about the animation
i thought of

applying animation , saving limbs rotations , animating again with a diffrent animation cycle then reloading limbs rotations.

so if i walk
i animate Walking
saving all limbs rotations
then animate shooting
saving only the hand and arms parts limbs rotations

then showing
the saved limbs rotations for the legs (WALKING)
and the saved limbs rotations for the hands (SHOOTING)

theoraticly this should work
but i wont know until i'll try it out.

and about the new method i will present a sample model
with armature and limbs, you guys will be able to reedit those limbs keeping their names and try it out, shouldnot be a problem.
havent started working on the sample yet.
will start soon.

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