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The 20 Line Challenge / A 32 x 32 sprite editor

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Posted: 20th May 2012 17:58 Edited at: 20th May 2012 18:18


Requires d3d plugin to run, did not add any features, just speed, otherwise it would be too slow to run, it is sluggish as is.

Anyways, about:

You can make a 32 x 32 bitmap file with this snippet.

This snippet is compressed from 273 lines no comments.


Left Click moves the sliders to select the color and places in the draw area.

Right Click erases.

Shift + 1-0 sets one of ten hot key templates for your current color.

1-10 no Shift switches to the color you set via Shift 1-0

Reset clears the board, but keeps the template.

Save Image saves the image as a bitmap, it is an exact copy of the preview to the left of the screen.

Just realized I broke the 25 command rule, lemme try to fix that.



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Posted: 27th May 2012 03:00
Nice one....looks like Iconforge program...I like it !!


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