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Music & Sound FX / Creating gory sounds without gore

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Joined: 9th May 2012
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Posted: 21st May 2012 01:44
Now I know that this might sound pretty obscene from the title, but the question remains: How do one create the sound from guts and gore without killing someone first.


Now before you do any of these things below make sure to tell your parents / siblings what you're doing. It might feel strange at first, but it is much better to get the parents into your recordings, so they don't just stumble upon your recordings and delete them by mistake.

Dripping blood:

Start by getting a rag and wet it with as much water you're after. Now depending on what surface you want it to fall on, just take whatever things you have available at home. Now wring out the soaked rag atop of wood, stone, or whatever you want the blood to drip on.

Crunching bones:

Get some dried left over pasta. roll some into a piece of waxed paper, and crunch it with your hands. A bunch of dry branches can do the same thing. Got a dog? Record him / her eating a nice tasty bone. You'll get a few decent crunches from there.

sludgy viscera

Now let's face the viscera. This can also be illustrated by all sorts of food and stuff. The key here is to overcook the food so it's really slushy, watery. So take some overcooked carrots and serve 'em on whatever surface you want the viscera to fall on. Pitch down the sound so it gets a bit darker. Note that when you pour the water from your boiled pasta then it can be used to mimic blood and viscera from a body say cut in half.

Practice makes perfection.

Don't expect to get the best result from scratch. It'll take some practice to get the feeling just right. I've practiced for over 30 years to get my sounds and music right, so I ought to know this.

Stack 'em in layers.

Say that you've made 10 different recordings. Each one has their own special thing that gets the sound just right, but you'll also find that when adding 2 or 3 of them together into one recording then you'll get a much denser result. When Arnold played the Terminator in "Judgement day" then he didn't like the shotgun sound when he faced John the first time, so they ended up layering 20-30 different gunshots together, even canons, to get the sound just right.

Last but not least:

Try to keep it quiet during your recordings. Even hold your breath since it is essentially poorly processed sound / graphics that makes games amateurish. So tell your siblings that you must do these recordings, but they may be with you, if they can keep quiet. Now this is a really good practice for them as well. You could also ask them to help you with the recordings.

Anything else?

Most likely. But this is a good start. I'll post more audio tips & tricks later on.

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Best regards
Johan Brodd
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Joined: 9th May 2012
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Posted: 22nd May 2012 08:02
Back with some more nasties.

Broken glass:

1. Get a wind chimes, and put them flat on a table.
2. Get a small bottle of parfume, and drag it over the chimes.


1. Got some balloons? Then pop 'em in front of the microphone.
2. Blow into the microphone at a very close range.
3. Pitch down the recorded sounds.


1. Record when you fry some meat in decent amounts of butter.
2. Pitch down the sound.


1. Record when you deep fry some potatoes.
2. Pitch down the sound.

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Best regards
Johan Brodd
Non Sequitur M
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Posted: 11th Jun 2012 01:57
Nice tips. Some other major ones you should cover are:

Swords on shields
Stabbing someone who has armor on with a sword
Bullets hitting body armor
Bullets hitting a helmet
Bullets passing through flesh and bone
A successful punch
Vomiting(Without having to make someone puke)

For a cursor movement noise, I've hit a tablespoon with a drumstick(you can use almost any hard object to hit it). The effect was a perfect little plink noise. I've also thought of hitting a musical triangle muted by hand. Should give a similar effect. For equipping armor, I've thought about hitting a metal trashcan with another piece of metal to get a metally clunk. Maybe... I'll experiment with it. Lol.

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Joined: 9th May 2012
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Posted: 11th Jun 2012 04:38
Glad you liked my gory sounds. I dunno all the sounds you requested, but I'll tell those I know:


1. Get a can of white beans.
2. Make the vocal sound as if you where to vomit, and flush out the beans.

Stab wounds:

1. Get a water melon, and cut it in half.
2. Now push the knife into one of the halves to get the sound of flesh being stabbed.

A successful punch (the oldskool way):

In games like Street fighter, Streets of rage 2, Killer Instinct and more, they sampled and EQ'd a snaredrum from any old drummachine such as Roland TR 909. Nowadays these samples can be found on pretty much any decent sample cd, and on for instance.

1. Start by adding some bass in the 200 Hz range on the EQ.
2. Also add some treble on the EQ around 4000 Hz to get the sound crispier.
3. Now export the sound.
4. Now to create the different strengths of the punches you simply pitch down the sound with 3-5 semi tones to get the harder hits.

Flying fists:

1. Get a belt, or a flexible branch.
2. Whip it like a whip at different speeds.
3. Record the sound.

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Best regards
Johan Brodd

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