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Music & Sound FX / Voice processing in FL Studio

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Posted: 27th May 2012 11:03 Edited at: 27th May 2012 11:09
Recording and processing ingame voices is pretty darn important so they get the right feeling. Let me first say that I haven't got much experience in this myself, but I'm telling you what I know. These tricks refere to FL Studio, but you can do these things with pretty much any decent DAW.

First thing's first: Never lower your voice. Speak with your normal pitch, and then downpitch the sound with the plugins you have.

Let's do an in-depth example: Male to female voice:

1. Open the effects window (F9), and load Edison.
2. Record your sentences in Edison.
3. Normalize the sound (ctrl+n).
4. Select your recording, and trim it to get rid of silence (ctrl + delete)
5. Drag the sample from Edison to the song window (F5).
6. An audio clip has now been created in the step window (F6), so open it.
7. In the properties there's an area named "Time stretching".
8. Set the menu visible from "Resample" to "Auto". The sound will be processed, and it will take some time on slower machines.
9. Tweak the pitch knob, and set it to 2 o'clock.
10. Now head back to the effects window, and load "Pitcher".
11. It is pretty much an autotuner, so you should disable all the keys, and set all the switches to disabled.
12. You should set the speed knob to "Slow"
13. Leave "Fine tune" unchanged.
14. Now enable the Formant button.
15. Tweak the gender knob towards female. Set it to max to get the birdo voice effect from Mario Party 9.
16. Now you need to load "Fruity Limiter", and select the "Noise gate" preset. This will get rid of unwanted noises.

Whew! That's pretty much it. You can go bananas and tweak your voice into the most disgusting monster ever existed. Just remember that it is better that you let 3rd parties listen to the recording and give constructive critics.

More fun effects to use: Ring mods gives the sound a bit of a robotic feeling. Distortion can be used to enhance your vocal even further. EQ's is a good tool to clean up your voices.

Good luck, and have a good time transforming your voice!

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Best regards
Johan Brodd

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