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3 Dimensional Chat / The Mixamo Auto-Rigger

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Joined: 22nd Jul 2011
Posted: 9th Jun 2012 00:09
"Mixamo would like to announce that The Auto-Rigger is now free for any mesh under 10,000 triangles."

This amazing free option that can be beneficial to 3D Artists beginner and advanced.

Check it out here:
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Joined: 19th Aug 2009
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Posted: 9th Jun 2012 19:27
Awesome! Thanks for letting us know!


For KeithC
Pincho Paxton
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Joined: 8th Dec 2002
Posted: 9th Jun 2012 20:13 Edited at: 9th Jun 2012 20:13
Too X$pensive...

Travis Gatlin
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Joined: 14th May 2009
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Posted: 10th Jun 2012 21:13
That actually sounds pretty handy. But does it allow you to download your rigged mesh without any animations?
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FPSC Master
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Joined: 3rd Apr 2009
Location: BC
Posted: 11th Jun 2012 02:34
Yeah it does.

This sounds pretty cool, thanks for letting us know.

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Joined: 31st May 2011
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Posted: 11th Jun 2012 13:42 Edited at: 11th Jun 2012 13:47
Quote: " User may reproduce and distribute such Animation Data clip only as Embedded Animation Data embedded in User’s creative animated work to customers on a royalty-free basis, and provided User is in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. User agrees that (a) all copies of the Animation Data contain the Mixamo proprietary notices, and (b) it will distribute its applications and products for which Embedded Animation Data has been embedded pursuant to a commercially reasonable end-user license agreement containing terms and conditions commensurate with industry norms.

User’s license to use and distribute Animated Data is limited to Embedded Animated Data. Redistribution, or republication or commercialization of Animated Data that is not Embedded Animated Data is prohibited. For example, approved distribution or use of Animated Data as Embedded Animated Data includes, but is not limited to:

(i) As rendered moving images; resold as part of a feature film or broadcast or otherwise used in demonstration or marketing materials.

(ii) As part of a game if the Embedded Animated Data is contained inside a proprietary format and displays inside the game during play.

so not for modelpacks or turbosquid-selling etc.

just for info.

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Joined: 3rd Jul 2008
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Posted: 11th Jun 2012 16:38
Quote: "so not for modelpacks or turbosquid-selling etc.

Defenitly too expensive if thats the case :I

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Joined: 21st Aug 2008
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Posted: 12th Jun 2012 01:07
I've been trying to rig the models there and use enhanced animation to transfer animations from FPSC models. no luck yet.

it is expensive but at least you only have to buy the animation once and then you can apply it to any other similar skeleton. which is acceptable by their policy. I just hope they use the same skeleton for all their rigging. that would make it worthwhile.

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