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3 Dimensional Chat / Get the Frames of a Animated *.x file.

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Joined: 9th Jun 2012
Posted: 9th Jun 2012 20:56
After I played a little bit with the dark GDK I began creating a 3D game. Now, just to test the Code I used the "Colonel-X.X" file from the Dark GDK Tutorials. Now for the Walk animation (Which I only got with many many many tries) I use: "dbLoopObject ( 15 , 235, 258 );".
But is there a more Simple way to get the Frames (The second and Third parameter.) Maybe with a Tool or something?

I hope you understood. I have no idea how I could explain it otherwise.

Thanks a lot
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Joined: 21st Aug 2008
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Posted: 11th Jun 2012 03:59
if you are using fpsc models you can open the .fpe file with notepad and read the animation list.

I'm assuming you want to find the start and end frames of individual animations?
try this

I made up this program when I wanted to get the keyframes for my projects.

hope it helps

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Joined: 8th Oct 2008
Posted: 3rd Jul 2012 20:30
You can use FragMotion to see the individual frames in a .X file, that's what I use.

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Posted: 10th Jul 2012 12:16 Edited at: 10th Jul 2012 12:17
in addition to kezzlas answer, the community-guide in the doc-folder holds a description of the stock-animations for fpsc-characters, so in combination with the fpe an easy way to find the frames for specific anim. most (the good) modelpacks have infos attached about additional animations.

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