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DarkBASIC Discussion / Okay. Now I want to make just a simple online chat application

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Joined: 27th Jul 2011
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Posted: 13th Jun 2012 02:02
Okay, I went through the examples and samples on DBC (Dark Basic Classic) but totally don't get the online stuff.

The samples multiplayer games don't seem to work at all. I sent my sister an stand alone executable of the little net game where you move the creature around the grid and can fire at each other. It asks her to enter my IP address, but it doesn't show her an existing game even though I am already on playing. Tried it the opposite way too to try and connect to her ip address and get in her game.. also didn't work.

Could someone PLEASE show me the code with REM statements explaining how everything works in the code to say make a simple chat app to allow say 4 people to connect together and simply chat? OR better yet have the client show a few simple questions and whoever types the correct answer first gets a point or something. Something real simple. I don't want some huge graphics and sound game that will make it confusing for me to understand how the multiplayer works with DB Classic.

I would greatly appreciate it.

- Zaxx
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Posted: 13th Jun 2012 08:16
With the creature example you mentioned just press OK and leave the box empty without entering an IP. The game will automatically search for open games. Also check that you're using TCP/IP and not something else.

I have an old DBC chat program lying around somewhere, I'll see if I can comment it a bit and upload it tonight (that is, if Latch or someone else doesn't get there before me).


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Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
Posted: 18th Jun 2012 08:41
Are you still interested in a basic chat program?

Enjoy your day.

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