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Work in Progress / Lemonade 2 - Strategy Game

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Posted: 16th Jun 2012 01:14 Edited at: 16th Jun 2012 01:23
Late last summer I began learning programming with DB Classic. Only my second game ever, Lemonade was a hit with my family, friends, and their kids and friends. People would come over to visit and ask what our highest score was to date. (Lemonade was inspired by a very old public domain game I played as a kid on the Commodore 64 called 'Lemonade Stand' - You can YouTube that game as well)

Now, I've just began to delve into DarkBasic Pro and figured it was time to up my challenge by making a sequel, but this time adding the challenge of another player (or the computer) as direct competition.

Here's a quick video of the game, still at the very beginning of it's development. As usual, all the graphics are hand drawn by myself in GIMP and pretty simple.

Comments, feedback, and suggestions are highly desired! (This is my 5th program ever, and my first with DB Pro)

- Zaxx

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