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Music & Sound FX / Latest Music Track

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2009
Location: Moberly, Missouri
Posted: 29th Jun 2012 13:07
Hi everyone! It's been a looong time since I've posted anything on the TGC forums due to college work keeping me very busy (I'm in my final year). But I wanted to share with the rest of this group a track that I composed during one of my classes. I need to contact TGC again since my last contract I didn't fill out right But I thought I would share this as a sample. If you use it in any game/video project (including YouTube) please let me know. Thanks! Feedback and comments welcomed.

Song Name: Into The Unknown
Genre: Upbeat Rock
Length: 0:59
Format: (mp3,ogg, wmv, midi, etc.) MP3 here...OGG available upon request
Other Notes: Originally going to be used in a game project I was working on which has been delayed. This was to be the theme played at the title screen.


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