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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Slenderman Run an FPSC horror game

Dev Team Project Z
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Joined: 9th Jul 2012
Posted: 9th Jul 2012 14:49
Hello there, i am aaron from DevTeamProjectZ and we are proud to announce weve got our first game for download its still in beta version so we need testers

The game itself is about slenderman you walk in a dark forest and suddenly get attacked.
make the game more interisting by counting how many seconds you will survive or scare your friends.


Download link for Beta:


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Senior Moderator
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Joined: 27th Oct 2005
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Posted: 9th Jul 2012 16:06
You need an in-game screenshot for this to remain open.


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Joined: 31st May 2011
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Posted: 9th Jul 2012 16:12
have i missed something? new urban legend? astek does a slenderman-project, now here...

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Joined: 20th Jun 2012
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Posted: 9th Jul 2012 19:45
This needs to be locked this is the one from unity if you go to there website then to there youtube it states that it was made in unity thread needs to be locked.
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Joined: 19th Sep 2009
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Posted: 9th Jul 2012 20:02
Website is completely unfinished, to the point where there is three default headers and text on the bottom. There is no "About us" section on the site describing who the company is or what you’re even about. There is only a downloads section.

The entire bottom half of the website has not even been touched.

Quote: "Welcome to [your business here]! We hope you find everything you need!"

You really could not have replaced the text that was there? There are no pictures of the game, and a logo that looks like someone had fun with finger paint.

How on earth do we even know what’s going on? We don't even know the story of the game except a two sentence TL;DR.

How can we take this seriously? When your team clearly only took 4 minutes to customize a website that’s already been made for you, and still didn’t even complete half of it.

Please take the time to give us an accurate description of your game, in-game pictures, and a completed website showcasing the game and what your team is all about before you will get my subscription.

Le Shorte
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Joined: 6th Apr 2009
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Posted: 9th Jul 2012 22:29
Quote: "have i missed something? new urban legend? astek does a slenderman-project, now here..."

A Unity game with Slenderman came out, and even though he's years old, it seems that game single-handedly revived the whole Slenderman legend.

Cheesehead for life.

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