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2D All the way! / Looking for 2D artist/animator

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Joined: 10th Jul 2012
Posted: 11th Jul 2012 11:17
Hello, I am looking for an artist/animator to work with me to make games using DarkGDK. I would handle the programming and there would be no pay it is just for fun, and to post on the showcase and such. My email is feel free to contact/post on this thread, and I will get back to you. Info about me, I am 15 years old and have been programming for 3 years, experimenting with all sorts of languages. I am an intermediate in C++ and darkgdk.

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Posted: 22nd Jul 2012 04:43
We don't really allow team requests on the forums. If a request was to slide by, you'd at the very least have to show some progress on the project or a more detailed plan. At least something showing you're capable of such a project.

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