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Work in Progress / Tower Defense Game.

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Posted: 17th Jul 2012 14:17 Edited at: 6th Aug 2012 16:20
Edit: Demo is out , check it out and feedback if its any good or if you have suggestions!

Edit: newest video

Edit: the newest Addition!
Ice Tower, Upgrade Particles , ChainSaws.. overall gamplay

Edit: Made some decent progress demo will be out soon
also added a Backdrop texture test so the game looks better!

well i was always a huge fan of TD games , i got stuck with Project M that some of you may know and thought well lets do something else
so for the past week ive been working my ass off at work and when i was home i worked on the TD game and the results are pertty impressive.

now the engine is almost done
and i'm searching for a theme help me out
will it be the Human Defense Force against Aliens?
or should it be Humans against Humans?
or maybe Angles against Undead.. hmm theres alot to think about!

here is a video of the most recent Update
i still do not know when a demo will be out im guessing in one or two weeks..

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Pincho Paxton
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Posted: 17th Jul 2012 14:59 Edited at: 17th Jul 2012 15:05
Well, in another thread I talked about a pub version. Where you use disco lights to Hypnotise the customers to go to the bar instead of the Exit. I made some graphics for it. I called it 'The Crooked House' which is a real pub near me which has crooked walls. I phoned the pub, and emailed them. I got permission to use the pub name, and interior design. I rendered some of it in a modelling package.

The idea to have a different pub theme each day which gives you a clue what Disco Weapons to use. Like...

Monster Monday where you play Thriller music, everyone is dressed up in monster costumes, and I have weapons for that. The people dance like in Thriller, and walk past your Disco Gear. They either go to the Fire Exit, or the bar. If they go to the bar, your till starts clocking up money.

Anyway, I have too much to work on to finish it at the moment. I only have some of the graphics ready. If you want to work on it, I can send you the graphics so far.

But remember that the people must dance realistically for this to work. The realistic animations are not started yet. That will be hard to get right. So you would need to be a good modeller to finish it off.

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Posted: 17th Jul 2012 16:26
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Posted: 23rd Jul 2012 02:03
over all progress so far:

1. Towers

Towers now have upgrades and ranks , each rank is represented by a rank texture.
up to 9 levels per tower.
towers now decide which of the creeps is the closest and lock on it then shoot it , they may not always hit it as the creeps run fast!

2. creeps
there is only one creep at the current moment as there is only one tower.

3. creeps waves
the creeps wave is now controled by a timer , so each few seconds a new wave of creeps is spawning at the start of the path, aka start point. they also recive higher health points as the waves increase.

4. controls
for now and i manage to keep it that way , the mouse is your friend!
left mouse click to build a tower , if a tower is already been built, left click on it again and the tower will be upgraded , 9 levels max.
right mouse click is for selling the towers.

5. backdrop image , so that the game wont look too static a test image is now presented.

6. so far the game is stable except sometimes there is a crush at startup but it happens only one in ten trails , other then that it is stable.

7. hearts aka player lives
the player lives are shown on the top of the screen as rotating hearts.
the player gets 25 lives for now i may adjust it i plan to make this game hard with an easy learning curve, why hard?
cause easy games get you bored very quickly.

8. wave timer,
the wave timer is shown at the bottom of the screen by 49 capsules
the capsules are green and as the seconds go by they turn red when all capsules are red a new wave will be spawn.

9. cash system
the current system is pretty simple , you can buy and upgrade new towers and you can sell them, you get less for selling .


the hour for content is very near still there need to be some adjusments for the platform to work like the build menu , i want to keep it as simple as i can but i cant get a clear vision of what i want , so i'm just leaving it as it is and later on when i'll get the final vision i'll code it .

sometimes it takes me weeks to think then 1 hour of coding and it is done.

so far so good , still waiting for some cool themes havent completly thought of one yet.

have an awesome day , ive reedited the main post so you could see the adjusment with the backdrop texture.
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Posted: 24th Jul 2012 20:16
LET me introduce to you :

the Chain SAWS!
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Posted: 29th Jul 2012 15:34
new and good stuff have been added.

1. creeps health bar - each creep with its own Health status is now shown above it with box presenting how much hp left.

2. Upgrades , each time you upgrade a tower or a trap you will see some blue particles going upwards from its position.

3. Ice Tower , the ice effect and splash effect works great, still havent comeup with a model for the tower so for now its the same as the simple tower but it shoots blue ice bullets.

4. Tower or Trap selector is now controlled by
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 buttons like you would choose a weapon in a FPS game, so clicking on 1 will choose the simple tower , clicking on 2 will choose the ice tower and so on, this is represented by small boxes at the bottom of the screen and the choosen tower or trap is presented by a green rectangle so you would know what your building.

this kinda not using only mouse as i wanted but its simple and cool so i think i will keep it this way.

a full gameplay video is added i have reached until level 19
it starts easy but then it goes insane , once i'll add more towers it will be achivable to get to higher levels.

good day

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Posted: 2nd Aug 2012 00:43
new update:

first off all a video link to show the new stuff.

second the updates:

ok so for the towers i have decided that all tower will look the same but with a diffrence of color, so ice is blue , simple is red , splash is yellow etc..

the game runs smooth with no errors and thats a good thing.

game looks a bit better with the new rotating towers.

have a good day.

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User Banned
Posted: 6th Aug 2012 16:19
hello all the first demo is out
Enjoy and please respond with a feedback tell me what you think


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Posted: 6th Aug 2012 18:29
Great game but,
when i start the demo. The window doesn't fit my screen resolution (1600x900). See picture, the bar above is partly offscreen. And the bottom is also to low. If I drag the window the bar above will be correctly placed but the bottom is still screwed. Don't know how to fix this.


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User Banned
Posted: 6th Aug 2012 22:27
Darkgdk 2.0 uses a full screen window that is why this is happening I wrote a simple function to maximize the window to users desktop res.
There's nothing I can do but what u can do is hide the desktop menu bar .

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Posted: 7th Aug 2012 14:30
Ok thanks. I hope it will be fixed soon with c++ or darkgdk.
Because you don't take the desktop insets and the window insets in considiration. So hiding the bottom bar will not solve the whole problem. Because then only the desktop insets are 0 but the window insets aren't. Tried to find a solution, but because I don't have darkgdk and don't program in c++ couldn't find one.

One question I have, what is going to be the big plus of this game in comparision with other TD's on the net. Or is it just a game you make for fun and not really to compete against others. Just asking because I'm also a fan of TD
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Posted: 7th Aug 2012 14:58
well i wanted this game to be a normal TD simple and fun not something too fency , it is for learning porpuse mostly.

there are some diffrences

like if a creep is reaching the end point it will spawn at the start point you will lose one life but will have a chance to kill it again.

or the towers that are upgraded automaticly

the map that is ever changing you wont play the same map twice..

maybe i will add new features but mostly what you see now is what its all about.

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